Here you’ll find details of potential opportunities at Black Flag TV Ltd, either as part of the core team or as a freelance team member.

We’re always looking for interesting people to join the team, specific positions will be listed as required but if you’re, ambitious, intelligent and believe you have something to offer then please get in touch. What we look for can best be defined as personality with the ability to learn. If you have skills in the following areas, that will get you noticed:

  • Camera operation and maintenance
  • Drone pilot qualification/experience
  • Post production experience
  • Electronics, Robotics & automation skills
  • Web and social media experience
  • Diving qualifications (equiv.) CMAS 3* or higher
  • Full Clean driving licence

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Advice on how to get started.

We are often asked at Black Flag TV how you go about entering the media industry, below you’ll find posts related to that. The opinions in those posts are exactly that, opinions. You might disagree, you might find them useful, but we thought it would be good to share some of our insights and experiences, and we hope it’ll be helpful to someone.

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