What is Black Flag TV Ltd?

Founded by Stuart Keasley and Adam Parkes, Black Flag TV provides specialist cameras and crew to the Film, TV and corporate media sectors.

The founders bring a diverse set of skills and experience to an increasingly technological and interconnected field of image capture, the easiest way to explain what we do here is to say we solve problems. Along with all our normal kit, some of the equipment we supply for rental is rare or completely unique and won’t be found in a regular rental company. Beyond that, we often create bespoke solutions to unique problems, typically when others have said it can’t be done.

Based in the iconic Shepperton Studios we have access to trades and craftspeople on our doorstep, a community of specialists and engineers that love a challenge enabling Black Flag TV Ltd to quickly scale to the needs of the job while maintaining sensible overheads.

We can add value to your next project, allowing your budget to make it to the screen along with your vision.

Ever found yourself saying?

  • I’ve no idea how it works…”
  • “is that even possible?”
  • “surely there must be a way we can get that shot…”
  • “can we do that safely?”
  • “won’t that be way over our budget?”
  • “looks broken, now what do we do?”

You tell us What, we’ll look after the How

Understanding and operating specialist cameras, designing and building bespoke systems, rigging cameras and planning shoots to keep things safe, navigating within some of the legal constraints; these are all things we do on a day to day basis. Our role is to look after all the complicated stuff so you don’t have to, so simply tell us what you want to achieve, let us worry about how to achieve it.

Sharing is Caring

We really don’t mind sharing our collective knowledge, so if you’d like to expand beyond just the What and find out a little bit more about the How, or would simply like a bit of advice on any of the services we provide, just ask the question. We really don’t mind if it doesn’t end up in a job this time, we believe that our friendly, welcoming and open approach will encourage you to come back and do business with us when the time is right.

No Nasty Surprises

We understand what a monumental task it can be to keep things within budget. Our quotes are therefore as comprehensive and complete as possible; if we identify any unknowns, we’ll highlight these to you with a conservative placeholder figure. That way, you wont get any nasty surprises when you open up the invoice at the end of the job.

Competitive Prices

We believe our prices are very competitive. If you find out otherwise, let us know, we’ll adjust as necessary.

Stuart Keasley

Stuart Keasley

Stuart has a background in IT and Project Management, and therefore looks after long term projects as well as keeping abreast of the ever increasing convergence between cameras, computers and data communications.

Stuart, as an experienced and commercially qualified scuba diver, also provides the in house expertise for any underwater filming and safety.

Adam Parkes

Adam Parkes

Adam’s career has been long and varied, giving him a background in almost all elements of production from capture to delivery. At Black Flag TV he looks after the kit and post production end of things. He’s motivated by a challenge and is often the one tinkering on a new solution or pondering the physics behind a particular problem. Out in the field he’s an accomplished camera operator who can fix or improvise a solution in any environment.

Need some help?

Please get in touch for further information and to check on pricing and availability.