Time-lapse images can illustrate some stories better than any other method, turning imperceptible changes into a burst of action and transformation. Making a time-lapse sequence beautiful is an art in itself, some take many hours of post production to refine into a smooth flow of action with even changes in exposure. However, no amount of post will rescue a time-lapse that was shot poorly, of course some things can be repeated, a flower bud opening isn’t too hard to replicate, but the construction of a hospital over the course of two years is hardly something you can repeat for the camera. Here at Black Flag TV Ltd we specialise in capturing long term time-lapse images using unique installations that are not only reliable but constantly monitor and report back their status, meaning that even the most remote site can be confidently recorded for the entire duration.

Black Flag TV Ltd has time-lapse systems currently operating across the world covering construction sites and environmental changes. We’ve also covered everything from racing car builds to audience arrivals with quickly deployed, discreet systems. Turning hours into seconds or years into minutes can promote your products and services to new audiences, how else could you convey a major urban construction project on social media? Combined with our ENG camera crew and aerial video services Black Flag TV Ltd can help you win new clients and contracts, expertly illustrating skills and expertise that are¬†often hidden by the passage of time.

  • Short term / long term
  • Studio based or remote
  • 4k minimum image resolution for pan & scan HD video
  • Solar / wind / hybrid power systems
  • Remote image monitoring
  • Environmentally sealed cameras and control boxes
  • Local record or remote server offload with back-up
  • 3g / 4g LTE link for image transfer and camera adjustment
  • Local wifi network for on-site monitoring
  • Error reporting and status confirmation emails & texts
  • Fully managed rental systems or purchase options


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