Black Flag TV Ltd was established in 2012 to supply specialist camera equipment and crew to the broadcast, film and corporate industries.

We supply equipment on both a “dry hire” (equipment only) and “wet hire” (including crew) basis.

Typically our Equipment requires a solid knowledge of its functions and capabilities to get the best out of it, so we’d recommend one of our experienced and talented crew members, but if you’re feeling brave you can rent it alone.

Black Flag TV Ltd has provide high speed slow motion filming as one of its core services since the company was first formed. During that time, we have amassed wide ranging experience across all manner of shoots and environments. This collective knowledge provides the foundation to the high level of service we provide to our customers.

Our current super slow motion service offering centres around the industry leading Phantom Flex 4K high speed camera, providing cinematic quality footage in either raw or ProRes at up to 1000 frames per second in 4K resolution, or up to 1977 frames per second when filming in Full HD.

We have a variety of hire options and camera packages available.

We have mini cams in many different shapes and sizes, all depending on what particular task they need to accomplish from simple car rigs to more elaborate covert rigs.

4ksdi_camera-1024x629Our Flare 4k sdi cameras from iO industries are ideal for Movie applications giving stunning 4k Raw images ideal for VFX shots where a larger heavier camera would be impractical or dangerous.

Filming underwater is a particularly challenging occupation, however both founders of Black Flag TV Ltd have a long history of diving and underwater activity, so it’s literally second nature to us.flex-4k-fr-tvl55-6wx150dpi

We can supply Camera Housings, wet bags and comms equipment on a rental basis, or you can hire our team to take care of everything for you. Our divers are fully HSE qualified and insured as well as exceptionally experienced. We have access to underwater stages across the country and contacts that go deep into the industry, from exposure suit manufactures to specialist lighting. So, whatever your needs are, we can help.

Timelapse cameras can shrink the passage of months into seconds, especially useful for long term projects like large civil engineering or nature changes. Black Flag TV have deployed many time-lapse camera systems over the years using DSLR, mirrorless and CCTV camera bodies. We know the importance of reliability and operability, when we finally exhausted all possible options of what we could buy-in or adapt we set about making our own.wv-spv781l_d3_l

Our Flagship long-term time-lapse installation is based on a Panasonic 4k IP camera, this is powered by a hybrid solar and wind generator system that provides sufficient power to run 24hrs a day in virtually any environment. We didn’t stop there though, using decades of collective knowledge we integrated a 4g LTE mobile network and local wifi hub into the kit to transmit live images, send stills and provide continuous monitoring of system status with error reporting and fault identification via a secure network using a VPN tunnel.

We don’t just do the unusual difficult work, our staff are all highly skilled camera operators able to add value to your shoot. Previous work has seen us as main camera operators, B-roll and minicams, Drone pilots, data ingest techs and much more. We’ve filmed entire documentary movies, provided pit lane and track side coverage of the Le Mans 24hr, B-roll and onboard cameras for the Dakar Rally.

For advertising and corporate films we’ve provided an end to end service from the initial concept to final edit and delivery, even down to organising the on set catering.

Specialist cameras involve custom building, it’s very rare that two clients will want the same solution in exactly the same way, and even when they do, in the case of car rigs for example, each vehicle is different and the rigging and grip requirements will have to be tailored to suit.

img_5118Then there are the other jobs, the ones that start with phrases like “well, what we’re trying to do is….” and you can insert virtually any statement after that as long as it’s nearly physically and technologically impossible.

Those are the jobs we love.

We have an incredible diversity of skills and experience here at Black Flag TV Ltd, along with a network of companies here at Shepperton Studios that means we can design and make almost anything and do it all within the strict time constraints of the media world.

for quotes and availability or if you would like any information or advice to help with your pre-production planning