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Welcome to our news and chat page where we’ll be posting about upcoming projects, shows and movies we’ve been involved in and a blog of discussion points and other random things we find interesting. You can also find Job Listings and advice on getting started on our Careers page.

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PwC Intelligent Digital

Simple but very effective, slow motion sections provided by BFTV on our Phantom Flex 4K camera. ...
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Behind the Scenes with PwC

A behind the scenes video, showing BFTV's Adam Parkes and our Phantom Flex 4K working hard in the studio to create some slow motion magic ...
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Idris Elba: Fighter On Tuesday the 17th of January 9pm Discovery UK begins a three part documentary which sets out to discover if Hollywood Star Idris Elba is as tough as some of the ...
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The Grand Tour goes underwater This Friday The Grand Tour hits Barbados, amongst other destinations, Black Flag TV were there to capture all the underwater action on our Sony FS7 and Sealux Housing. Stuart Keasley and ...
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Trainspotting 2

Eagerly awaiting the release of Trainspotting 2 with Danny Boyle at the helm and the original cast back in business we can't wait to see the results of how our ...
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Phantom Flex 4k is here!

We’re very excited to announce that Black Flag TV Ltd are now the proud owners of a Phantom Flex 4K High Speed camera, available for hire: • as a dry ...
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The Eagle Has Landed….

Black Flag TV are proud to have been a part of this amazing and heart warming family film based on the life of Michael "Eddie" Edwards. Eddie The Eagle (2016) We ...
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Panasonic GH5

There's no denying the Panasonic GH5 is a welcome and worthy update to the GH4. Picking up exactly where the GH4 left off, enabling high quality 4k acquisition from a ...
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Razer: Project Valerie

Triple screen laptop! [stwthumb link="true" size="sm"][/stwthumb] As I sit at my desk I have three monitors surrounding me, it's been that way in one form or another since my days ...
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