High Speed Camera Hire

Phantom Flex 4k

Designed with the Cinematographer in mind, the Phantom Flex 4k can adapt to different shooting styles and scenarios with ease. The Super-35mm 4k sensor provides extremely low noise and high dynamic range, producing sharp detailed images at 1000 frames per second in full 4096×2160 4k resolution, or nearly 2000fps in HD.

Ideal for post production versatility when used in the Cine Raw format, the Phantom Flex 4k captures 12 bit colour making chroma keying as easy and accurate as possible. The Phantom Flex 4k can also shoot Apple ProRes 422 HQ for when turn around time and minimal post expenditure are priorities.

Black Flag TV Ltd have the largest capture capacity available at 128GB per shot, that’s ten seconds of realtime action at 1000fps giving over six minutes of playback! More than enough to ensure you’ve captured the moment.

The internal recordings can be saved to our 2TB Cinemags enabling more than 15 full takes, or many more smaller takes, to be stored on board before being swapped out for ingest enabling the shoot to keep moving and minimising on-set delays.

The Phantom Flex 4k can be run entirely from the on-camera control interface, or wirelessly by a Black Flag TV tech from virtually any range using our unique bridge system, freeing you from cables and clutter. Our cutting edge offload systems achieve a sustained write speed of 1400MB per second, which means we can back-up and off load Cinemags quicker and safer than ever before accelerating workflow and minimising delays.

Our Flex 4k packages are available for dry hire or with our exceptional crew. The packages can be tailored to suit you, from use as a barebones spare, to a full shooting package including lenses and an underwater housing.

  • Slow motion filming, high speed camera, HFR recording.
  • The Phantom Flex4K digital cinema camera records up to 1,000 fps at 4K resolution, provides exceptional image quality and offers production-friendly features like auxiliary power outputs and a full-featured on-camera control interface.

Key Features

  • Full resolution 4096 x 2304
  • Up to 1,000 fps at 4096 x 2160
  • Phantom CineMag IV recording media (2TB)
  • Cine Raw and Apple ProRes 422 HQ recording formats at full resolution
  • 128GB of internal memory
  • Monitoring: Three main 3G HD-SDI outputs, which can be configured as independent 4:4:4 1080p signals or used together to supply a dual-link 4K output while maintaining a live HD signal
  • Integrated battery mount supporting v-mount 26v industry standard batteries or 3-pin xlr external power input.
  • Lens mount: PL
  • 2x 12V and 2x 24V accessory outputs
  • Both Mac and Windows based software for Cine download and file conversion.
Sensor Specification
File Formats
Memory & Record Times
Special Features

Here are some amazing examples of Phantom footage from film makers around the world to showcase what you could do. As most of the work we do at Black Flag TV Ltd is sensitive and confidential to our clients we don’t post it here until long after broadcast. More from us will be coming soon.

Surfing @1000 FPS

Chris Bryan Films, www.chrisbryanfilms.com collaborated with a group of surfers to create some of the most stunning, dynamic video we have seen from a Flex4k.

Tuning Fork at 1600fps

The Slow Mo Guys

A bunch of people requested a tuning fork so… BOOM! Here’s a video of a tuning fork.

DeWalt Accessories Cobalt Drill


Phantom Flex 4k DeWalt Power Tools Promo

Zero Gravity

The Slow Mo Guys

This is a sample of what Zero Gravity might look like on earth. This was originally supposed to be a test shoot to get familiar with the Phantom 4k Flex but we couldn’t resist shooting something more than just test footage.

PCC 2.7 User Interface Part 1

PCC 2.7 User Interface Part 2

PCC 2.7 App Preferences Part 1

PCC 2.7 App Preferences Part 2

PCC 2.7 Capturing a Cine Part 1

PCC 2.7 Capturing a Cine Part 2

PCC 2.7 Reviewing a Cine

PCC 2.7 Editing & Saving  a Cine

Saving To Flash Memory (Manually) Part 1

Saving To Flash Memory (Auto Save) Part 2

Saving To Flash Memory (Direct to Cinemag) Part 3

PCC 2.7 Using Image Search to Find an Event

Performing File Conversions Part 1

Performing File Conversions Part 2

Performing File Conversions Part 3

Image Based Auto Trigger (IBAT)

Barebones Spare

• Phantom Flex 4k Body

• Additional accessories on request

Standard Equipment Package

• Phantom Flex 4k (128GB)
• 2 x 2TB Cinemags
• 10gigE Cinestation
• Cine Prime Lens Set (PL Mount 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm)
• 6 x Hawk-Woods RP 150 Wh Batteries
• Hawk-Woods RP 4×4 Charger
• Satchler Video 25 Tripod
• Zacuto Gratical EVF
• Chrosziel 565 Matte Box
• Wifi Connectivity Solution wireless camera control
• HP UltraBook Workstation

Custom Package

• Standard package PLUS:
• Bespoke Lens Options
• External Power
• Sliders, Stabilisers, etc
• Ingest & Storage solutions
• Grading & Transcoding Service
• Vehicle mounts
• Tracking Car
• Get in touch to discuss

Sony PXW-FS7

The Sony PXW-FS7 is an incredibly adaptable unit able to transform quickly from a lightweight, gimbal mounted 4k camera to a full ENG shoulder mount rig. It’s adaptability doesn’t stop with form though, with the addition of the XDCA unit it’s functions change allowing you to record natively in ProRes codecs on the internal memory cards or output Raw to an external recorder increasing the already impressive 150fps high speed recording rate to over 200fps HFR.

Raw recording on an Odyssey 7Q+ from convergent design enables detailed chroma key shots for VFX, or you could simply relax shooting in Prores for over 10 hrs uninterrupted on SSD cards.

Sony’s E-mount lens system allows use of the versatile 28-135mm servo zoom lens which, for HD shoots can be doubled using the centre scan option giving an impressive 28-270mm from a single lens. EF, PL and B4 mount lenses can also be fitted using appropriate adapters.

The camera can be powered by the Sony BPU batteries, by industry standard V-Mount batteries attached to the XDCA or by an XLR input.

4k Super 35mm sensor

HFR recording

14 stops of exposure latitude deliver powerful grayscale rendition without crushing shadow detail or blowing out highlight detail.

ISO 2000 sensitivity enables you to shoot well after sunset, without tons of lighting and grip.

4K resolution. The sensor incorporates 11.6 million total pixels and 8.8 million effective pixels to deliver full 4K resolution. Even if you’re delivering in HD, your recordings will capture detail and image texture that HD sensors cannot see.

Sony Exmor® CMOS design makes for extremely fast readout, contributing to frame rates of up to 180 fps and minimized image skew.

Recording Format (Video)
Recording Format (Audio)
Recording Frame Rates
Camera Section
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