ENG Filming and Equipment Hire

Black Flag TV Ltd isn’t a standard rental facility, whilst we happily provide equipment-only services the real advantage of coming to us is in our crew. Each team member has specialisms in certain areas but all of them have vast experience in what we’d consider “normal” filming.

Our ENG filming services have enabled us to join a team for the duration of the Dakar Rally, become part of the pit crew at Le Mans, cover documentaries, game shows, commercials and make our own productions from start to finish.

This means that you can have a minicam technician that can shoot GV’s or an A-camera operator that can fly a drone. We’re very well versed in what is needed to make an edit work and can interpret a brief enabling us to function independently, safe in the knowledge we’ll get the shots to form a sequence, not just what was listed on the page.

Our corporate clients benefit from having all of the services required to go from conception to delivery of a project under one roof, saving on logistical costs and planning time. Our friends in production companies know the value of taking a Black Flag TV crew member on a shoot, the multifaceted skill set available provides enormous value for money.

Black Flag TV Ltd was designed to bridge the skills gap that can arise in certain productions as the technical complexity increases, contact us today to see how we can help your vision come to life.

  • Full end to end production
  • Camera, sound, lighting and grip
  • Specialist Equipment rental
  • Multi disciplined Crew hire
  • Scaleable services for any project
  • Pre-production planning
  • Post production editing, effects and voiceover


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